Diversity and Cultural Considerations in Speech Language Pathology

Episode one 

Join Claire and Rachael on their first episode of the Let’s Taco Bout Speech Podcast as they take a look at diversity and cultural considerations directly related to speech pathology. 

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diving into teletherapy

episode two 

Teletherapy has become a huge part of our everyday lives as both clinicians and parents. Join Claire and Rachael as they share their fails, give us specific activities to try and  dive into the ins and outs of teletherapy. Parents, these activities can also be used to facilitate language in the home! 

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CALLING ALL PARENTS! Did you know you can incorporate language development into everyday tasks like grocery shopping and laundry? Join Claire and Rachael as they discussion six ways to support speech and language in activities that you already do at home!

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Introduction to Stuttering with Dr. Rodney Gabel


Stuttering impacts individuals across the lifespan and can be a very difficult barrier to effective communication.  Join Rachael and Claire, as well as their special guest Dr. Rodney Gabel, as they discuss an introduction to stuttering identification and therapy.

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Fourth of July Mini-Episode


Join Claire and Rachael in their first holiday mini-episode! There are so many fun, easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, while also supporting a positive language environment. 

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Explaining the Expanding Expression Tool


The Expanding Expression Tool is an evidence-based language strategy that targets enhancing and expanding upon vocabulary words in order to support more effective communication. In this episode you’ll learn each part of this tool, as well as different activities that Claire and Rachel have implemented in their therapy sessions!

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Addressing sensory needs


Little ones love to explore and are motivated by all things sensory! Join Claire and Rachael as they discuss ways to support sensory needs in order to facilitate more language and learning.

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Private Practice with Jena Castro-Casbon


Little ones love to explore and are motivated by all things sensory! Join Claire and Rachael as they discuss ways to support sensory needs in order to facilitate more language and learning.

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ppe and safety tips


In this new world we’re living in, it can be scary and hard to take all the right safety measures. Join Claire and Rachael as they discuss PPE, communication barriers, sanitation tips, and how to make sure our kids stay healthy and safe.

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Smiles for speech with sandy dorsey


On this episode, Claire & Rachael are joined by Sandy Dorsey, founder of Smiles for Speech. This is an incredible organization that aims to educate and provide resources for speech and language to underprivileged countries. Please help us support this movement!


All about books with jenna rayburn kirk

EPISODE eleven

This episode will be one for the BOOKS! Join Claire and Rachael with their special guest Jenna Rayburn Kirk, as they discuss book-related activities and resources to support learning and language.

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Back to school

EPISODE twelve


Join Claire & Rachael as they navigate their way through this new back to school season. Caley from Learn with Chatter Boxes will also tell us all about her product and what a great resource it is for both parents and SLPs. We will get through this school year together!

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let’s get visual

EPISODE thirteen

There are so many ways to incorporate visual learning in both therapy sessions and in the home! Join Claire and Rachael as they go over some of their favorite ways to incorporate visual supports, and how important it is to language and learning!

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Sensory processing disorder with rebecca duvall scott

EPISODE fourteen


Join Claire and Rachael as they talk about the importance of collaboration between team members, hear all about Rebecca Duvall Scott’s journey with Sensory Processing Disorder and lear tips to meet sensory needs at home.

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EPISODE fifteen


In this episode, the listeners got to choose the topics! Join Claire and Rachael in their first Q&A where they answer a variety of questions pertaining to speech and language, as well as the roles and experiences of being a speech pathologist.


Let’s Play!

EPISODE sixteen


Join Claire and Rachael as they discuss toys to use in play based therapy to support a language rich environment.

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engaging older students with hallie sherman

EPISODE seventeen


As children get older, motivating them often becomes more challenging. Hallie Sherman, founder of Speech Time Fun, is an expert on engaging and supporting older students with their speech and language development. Join Claire, Rachael and Hallie as they discuss these specific activities and motivational tips for this population.

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Pediatric Feeding therapy with hallie bulkin

EPISODE eighteen


Join Claire, Rachael and Hallie as they talk all about pediatric feeding therapy. Hallie Bulkin is a Feeding Specialist, Certified Orofacial Myologist and Speech-Language Pathologist. She specializes in treating infants, toddlers, children wit tethered oral tissues (TOTs) feeding delays and disorders and orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs). 

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Short films in speech therapy

EPISODE nineteen


Short films are a fun way to switch up or therapy sessions and target skills in an authentic environment. Every kid loves youtube, so these are highly motivating and build great rapport while still addressing goals!

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